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Farai Sewera D3 Champ at 165 lbs.
Matt Adcock takes 7th Place Nationally

Schoen Brothers Overtake DeSario Brothers
219 versus 212 Career Varsity Wins

Jackson Schoen Heads to State
Seven Lancers Wrestled at Glenbard North Sectional

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Poems About High School Wrestling


Please don’t curse that boy down there; My Boy
He is my son, you see;
He’s only just a boy you know,
But he means the world to me.

I did not raise my son, dear fan,
For you to call him names;
He may not be a super-star
But these are high school games.

You don’t know those boys down there,
They do the best they can;
They’ve never tried to lose a match,
They’re boys and you’re a fan.

This match belongs to them, you see,
You’re really just a guest,
They do not need a fan that gripes,
They need the very best.

If you have nothing nice to say,
Please leave the boys along,
And, if you’re forgotten your manners,
Then please just stay at home.

So, please don’t curse
those boys down there,
They’ll hustle ‘til they’re done,
And win or lose or tie, you see,
To us, they’re number one!


CoachDr. Bill Welker

There's someone who gives you have to respect.
He faces the challenge without a regret,
When riding the crest, fans praise him and cheer,
But if the team loses, cruel taunts he will hear.

Countless hours, he devotes, in preparing to win,
While his family is home, all waiting for him,
In victory, crowds beg for a shake of his hand,
In defeat, however, alone he must stand.

His wrestlers revere him, he knows what is best,
They render their utmost when put to the test,
No matter the outcome, he sits by their side,
Filling each youthful heart with courage and pride.

He tutors his matmen to fight till the end,
Yes, this is their coach, a builder of men.


Wrestling Parents Dr. Bill Welker

Parents in wrestling are courageous -- it's true,
They feel all the pain that their child must go through,
At home, when he diets, they wish it could stop,
Yet know he must do it to stay at the top.

Excuses for losing they will not endure,
"Don't blame the ref, son, because of the score,
The coach, he will show you the best way to move,
Keep working in practice if you want to improve."

At dual meets, you'll see them breathing a prayer,
As their boy must compete with no one else there,
Whatever the outcome - mom cheers with deep pride,
While dad -- you will notice - stands right by his side.

They'll drive to a tournament many miles away,
To witness a child who's prepared for this day,
Their boy, he has trained, with all of his might,
Having dreams of becoming a champion tonight.

But should he fall short, at his corner you'll find,
A mother and father -- supportive and kind,
They teach that through wrestling he'll learn about life,
Yes, living is filled with both triumph and strife.

Now if you are searching for people who care,
Just look by a mat, they'll always be there,
Such love for a sport is truly inherent,
That's why we salute The Wrestling Parent.

A Wrestler's Biggest Fan

That's my little boyBiggest Fan
Mat two
He's on deck
He's the one who tries to look so confident
While I sit here a wreck

I sit watching nervously
Biting my nails and shaking in my seat
Praying for a victory
not a quick defeat

Please don't let him be hurt
Please let him be all right
After all this is why he practices so hard
Almost every night

I'll just suffer through it and give him my support
Wondering why sometimes, he ever chose this sport
But when it's finally over and he makes it through "the three"
Nothing can beat the look on his face
That look of VICTORY!

The look that says "I did it, hey mom did you see?"
And when the ref holds up his hand
I know why he chose this sport
And when the victory goes the other way
I still give him my support
There's always next time as long as you try
A mom never fails to say
You're always a champion in my eyes son,
and you'll always be that way

A mom is a wrestler's biggest fan
‘Cause she knows what's in his heart
She knows his dedication and how he tries so hard

It's hard for a mom to sit and watch
As her son gets pinned
And it's hard not to get emotional
as you watch your baby win
Seeing his eyes search for you while you're sitting in the stands
Making sure you saw every move turn out just the way he planned
Because every wrestler knows
That his mom is his biggest fan!

by Jo-Ann

The Match is Life …

This is your match, son. I hope you win.
Because winning is nice.

It’s a good feeling.
Like the whole world is yours.
But it passes. And what lasts is what you’ve learned.

And what you learn, is about life.
That’s what sports is about, life.
The whole thing is played out on the mat.
The happiness of life. The miseries. The joys. The heartbreaks.

There’s no telling what’ll turn up.
There’s no telling how you’ll do.
You might be a hero, or you might not. There’s just no telling.
Too much depends on chance. On how the "match goes."

You do your best. You take what comes.
You take what comes and run with it.

Winning is fun. Sure.
But winning is not the point.

Wanting to win is the point.
Not giving up is the point.
Never being satisfied with what you’ve done is the point.
Never letting up is the point.
Never letting anyone down is the point.

Play to win. Sure.
But lose like a champion.
Because it’s not winning that counts. What counts is trying.

A Wrestler? Oh, No!

Be A WrestlerWhen first my boy said unto me,
"A wrestler is what I want to be,"
I did not know, I did not see,
All I knew was from TV

"Oh, darling boy" I cried in fright,
"Wrestling is such a terrible sight.
They bite, they gouge, they kick, they scratch."
"But, Mother Dear, that's called a match."

"Please, dear son, consider track,
That won't make you blue and black,
Or basketball, it requires great skill,
At least they don't scream kill, kill."

All of my pleads were to no avail.
A wrestler he would be without fail.
I fussed, I screamed, I really went on a tear,
But all he said was, "Mother, don't be a square."

So about wrestling I tried to learn,
The midnight oil I did burn.
My son now thought I was a pretty hipped mother.
I read all I could, I listened with both ears,

What I learned about sets, and falls and pins,
I learned about takedowns, decisions and wins,
I never missed a match, even out of town,
Where my son was wrestling, there I could be found.

I can hardly wait for next season to start,
Because now I'm wrestling's biggest fan,
For there's no greater sport in all the land.

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